Sj-r: High school ‘pipeline’ program produces first crop of medical students

A program begun 10 years ago to encourage Springfield-area high school students interested in becoming doctors and to help diversify the medical profession has begun to yield tangible results — by producing medical students.

Melanin in Medicine

Melanin in Medicine ‎Melanin In Medicine: Episode 22: Life/MCAT Advice from Tare and Masters Degrees on Apple Podcasts‎Kia journeyed back to Carbondale IL to attend her post baccalaureate banquet! There she interviewed her good friend Tare who will be matriculating this fall to medical school! Be sure to follow her journey on her blog Prescribed by Tare [...]

So you want to be a doctor?

So you want to be a doctor?

We all can probably agree that medicine is NOT for everyone. All the same, before you begin to make any progress towards becoming a physician, you should first make up your mind about whether or not you really want to pursue that path: Success has no place for indecisiveness. It is also imperative that your intensions and expectations are well founded...